5 Reasons Why Every Baby Needs A Natural Mulberry Silk Duvet

Mulberry silk duvet, or silk comforter, is a quilt filled with mulberry silk. It is all natural, warm and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. The natural and healthy properties make mulberry silk duvet the best choice for new born and children. Children, especially babies spend a lot of time sleeping. A high-quality pure silk duvet creates and healthy and comfortable sleep environment which increases the quality of babies and children's sleep and helps them to replenish energy and grow up healthily.

Pure natural and sustainable

Silkworms are very delicate and extremely picky about the food they eat. Even a speck of chemicals can endanger their life. Therefore, it requires exquisite care and attention during the process of breeding silkworms.

Fresh mulberry leaves are the only food that silkworms eat. Pesticides are strictly prohibited in growing mulberry plants. Actually, no chemicals can even be placed or used around the silkworm breeding room. That is why our mulberry silk duvet is a natural green product that is safe for babies and children.

Silky soft  and skin-friendly

Natural silk fiber contains solely animal proteins. 18 types of amino acids including those that are essential for our health (glycine, alanine, serine, tianmen aspartic acid and etc.) are found in silk fibroin and sericin. This makes the structure of silk fiber highly similar to human skin and therefore, silk is also called "the queen of fiber" or "soft gold" in the orient.

Scientific research has also shown that the compatibility of silk fibers with human body makes silk ideal for "bionic material" which were used in clinical practice as early as 1958, when artificial blood vessel made of silk was introduced .

Silk fiber is extremely thin, with a single fiber floss measuring only a few microns, much thinner than human hair. It is highly flexible and malleable, and extremely comfortable. Silk fiber also has a high porosity, reaching 25%-30%, making it cloudy light and breathable. Due to the structure of silk fiber and the hand layering technique, our silk duvet stores a large amount of air that makes it warm and fluffy, as well as contouring human's body shape completely.

Warm and breathable

Natural silk is composed of a microfiber structure with  a large amount of pores in between. It's porosity and fluffiness makes it possible to store more air in silk duvet. The "air layer" creates a thermal effect that preserves heat to keep warmth.

Silk fiber is highly efficient in absorbing and releasing moisture, which makes silk super breathable. This unique property allows silk products to have fantastic air permeability without any feeling of stuffiness. The amount of pores and the hydrophilic group on the peptide chain structure  of silk can adjust its moist level by absorbing and keeping moisture based on the environment, and gradually dissipating  the moisture into the air when necessary. That being said, when you sweat a lot, the moisture can be quickly absorbed and dissipated, making your body dry and warm; when you have dry skin instead, it can act as a supplement for epidermal moisture. For babies and children who tend to have a higher body heat, our silk duvet makes it more comfortable to sleep in and reduce the chance of overheating. The malleability of the silk material also makes it possible to contour babies' body shape when turning and keep them covered and warm.

Dust-proof and anti-bacterial, Healthy and safe

The structural units of silk fiber are all amino acids, which are macro molecules bound together by peptide chains. This structure is a natural insect-repellent.  This structure also makes it difficult to generate static electricity, which is the main cause of collecting dust.

Silk fiber contains only animal protein, which burns slowly and curls away from the flame. It leaves a dark bead which can be easily crushed. It is self-extinguishing and leaves ash that is a dark, gritty, fine powder. It smells like burned hair or charred meat and give out almost no smoke and the fume has no hazard. Safety is always the most important when it comes to products for babies and children. These characteristics of our silk duvet provides a safe and sound sleeping environment for the little ones.

The UV protection is another benefit of silk.

The tyrosine in silk protein can absorb UV light and protect human skin from damage. UV light also works as a sterilizer which in turn keeps our silk duvet clean and sterile.


Several factors that may cause allergy reactions with traditional types of bedding, such as dust mites, chemicals, mold and etc. However, silk has a natural defense mechanism against these irritants. It's hypoallergenic qualities prevent dust from accumulating and keep dust mites, mold, fungus away. If you suffer from allergies or dust related allergies such as asthma, our silk duvet is a great choice.

The natural amino acids in silk fiber also helps dry skin to absorb moisture and calm dryness, which help soothe skin conditions like eczema. It is the best choice for baby and children's delicate skin.

All in all, we grow up where silk duvet wrapped our entire infant hood and childhood. It is a beauty created by nature and we would love to send this gift to your loved ones.

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