6 Amazing Benefits You Should Know About Pure Cashmere Blankets For Your Little One

Pure cashmere is one of the most precious and luxurious natural products. It is silky soft and warm, stylish and elegant, a desirable gift to pass down generations.

So what makes cashmere so special and why is it one of the best fabric for babies?

100% Natural

When it comes to the delicate skin of our babies, synthetic materials and chemicals are the things we always try to avoid. Cashmere yarn comes from the undercoat of cashmere goats and is completely natural.  We also pay strict attention to the dyeing process to minimize the use of any chemicals. Our cashmere blanket is 100% natural, we promise.

Silky Soft & No Itchy Skin

Babies spend an average  14-16 hours sleeping every day. Newborns need to sleep even more, about 16-20 hours. To have a cozy and sound sleeping environment greatly improves the quality of sleep for the little ones. Cashmere is one of the softest materials for babies and will not irritate baby's delicate skin. Actually, pure cashmere soothes and comforts infants during nap and night time, keeping them calm and relaxed so that they can have a deeper sleep

Thermo-regulating & Warm

Pure cashmere is extremely light, yet 3 times warmer than sheep wool.  It's airy and breathable, helps regulate baby's body temperature for comfort in all seasons.

Cashmere comes from the fine, soft, downy, winter undercoat of cashmere goats, who take their name from their origin in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, more specifically in China, Mongolia and Nepal. The climate in this region is known to be extremely harsh in winter and the freezing cold weather promotes the growth of this under layer of cashmere to insulate and keep the goats warm. This also explains why the finest cashmere fibre comes from China, as a biological consequence of the goat's living environment.

Hypoallergenic & Anti-dust mite

Common natural fibres are the best friend to those with sensitive skin. Similar to pure silk, cotton and fine merino, high grade cashmere fibre has a super low micron count, with a diameter  around 14-19 microns, making it silky soft to the touch.

When it comes to the rare cases of wool allergy, it is mainly caused by an ingredients in sheep wool called Lanolin, or wool alcohol. But cashmere fibre does not contain lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and safe for the skin of newborns.

Cashmere is naturally unattractive to dust mites. Cashmere fibre is adept at wicking moisture away. Bacteria and fungus grow in materials that hold moisture and so do dust mites. Cashmere is too dry for bacteria and fungus to grow so that it's actually anti-dust mite.

Fire-resistant & Safe

Nothing can be stressed more than the safety of our babies and children. Same as silk fibre, cashmere has natural fire- resistant properties. When exposed to fire, it will smother instead of melting onto the skin. The natural animal protein in the fibre also makes it self-extinguishing once the source of the flame goes out.

Elegant and Timeless

Cashmere stands for elegance, not only for its quality material but also for the classic and chic design that never goes outdated. With proper care, your cashmere products will live a very long and happy life. Cashmere gets softer as it gets older, more comfortable to use  the longer you have it. It makes a perfect gift to give and also a timeless piece to pass down generations.

Cashmere maybe expensive, but it's really worth of the investment. Choose a cashmere baby blanket from alanünü, and you'll be enjoying a cuddle from a cashmere-covered baby in no time. Your baby will feel the softness and comfort in your arms, so will you.

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