Cashmere Care Guide

Simple care to your cashmere products and they will last for a lifetime.

For knitted cashmere:

  • Carefully comb the surface to remove small balls of fiber.
  • Dry clean if possible for the best result.
  • *For small spillage or stains, dampen the area with stain with lukewarm water (30°) and dab with cashmere shampoo.
  • Squeeze gently without rubbing, wringing or stretching the fabric and rinse in lukewarm water (30°) thoroughly.
  • Use a towel to get rid of excess water and allow it to dry naturally. Avoid lifting the blanket when it is full of water, as this may stretch the fabric and make it out of shape.
  • Store cashmere blanket in a breathable sealed bag or in a drawer with cedar wood balls to keep it away from heat, light and moisture.