100% Pure Mulberry Silk Duvet


Premium Cashmere Blanket



Quality is our value

Nothing matters more to us than the quality of our product. We pick our product in the way that we choose products for our own children.

Nature is our promise

Nature is a gift to everyone of us so it is our responsibility to keep it for our children. We insist on natural materials being used in our products and sustainable methods in manufacturing process.

Detail is our focus

Every little detail matters, from a small zipper to the design of a pattern. Every product is a gift to you from our heart.

This is perfect! I am keeping this for me! It’s a gorgeous color! Excellent cashmere quality!!! I know my cashmere! I love it!!!! Thanks so much!!!! Cashmere is the best!!!!


I got the toddler size silk duvet for my little one. Absolutely gorgeous and beautiful finishing, it is so soft and light! The customer service is great and very helpful. I'll come back and get one for my elder son as well.