Our Story

A warm beginning, a lifelong commitment.

Our story began in the blooming Spring of 2014, when two little babies were born in one same hospital in Toronto. Two years later, these two little strangers went to the same daycare, where their moms, Tina and Lovell, met for the first time and almost immediately, they felt the connection and became best friends ever since.

The two moms were both born and brought up in the area of Jiang'nan water town in China, the famous home town of mulberry silk, where the history of sericulture started. Tina and Lovell are both firm believers of the benefits of natural silk to people, especially newborns and young children. When they found out that there were not many choices for high quality duvet and comforter newborns or young children in North America, Tina and Lovell decided to bring this all-natural mulberry silk duvet to the west side of the world. The nature of the premium long-strand silk together with the local artisan’s stretching technique gives the silk duvet an ultra soft touch, eliminates any overheating or allergy concerns, creating a perfect environment for little ones to sleep.

Growing up knowing the wisdom of our ancestors and the long history of sericulture, both Tina and Lovell look at their silk duvet as a piece of art and a gift to us all. They are passionate and committed to work together and keep this timeless treasure alive and pass it on. In 2018, they teamed up with Cong, a well-established designer based in London, UK and collaborated with local silk duvet artisans, with the goal of producing the top quality silk duvets and comforters that work best for North American homes.

After three years of dedication, the three friends launched their own brand in Toronto, called alanünü, which, in their hometown language, means my beloved baby! The product line focuses on premium quality long-strand mulberry silk duvets for newborns, children and young adults, as well as pure cashmere baby blanket. They believe in simplicity and sustainability, that quality is key and good products last.

alanünü, my beloved baby, is where dream starts.