Why Silk Duvet For Babies and Children

When choosing duvets, comforters or blankets for infants and young children, safety always comes first. Down duvet is warm and light but it is not recommended for newborns or young children due to the overheating and potential suffocation for breathing in small feather. Allergy is another concern when choosing bedding products. Our silk duvet is made to provide you with a solution for all these problems: no more overheating concerns or sweaty nights; no more safety hazard of suffocation; no allergy or irritation on sensitive skins.

Hypoallergenic and anti-dust, natural silk is perfect for baby's delicate skin.The unique hand stretching and layering process makes our silk duvet airy and breathable, and able to adjust to your body temperature. No more overheated and sweaty night. Silk duvet is also super soft and lightweight, contouring human body shape perfectly so that your little ones are covered nicely even when they move around.

In Canada, most of the rooms are heated with a controlled temperature in fall and winter, therefore, we developed a special all seasons collection for babies, children and teens for the best of their comfort. Adult collections are also available upon request with 2 different weight selections: Summer and Spring/Fall Collections. Please check out our adult silk duvet collections.

For those who need extra warmth, check out our truly exotic All Seasons Collection. Also called Duo-Duvet Set,consist of two duvets with different silk filling weight, a lighter summer weight and a thicker spring/fall weight that can be used separately or in tandem. 

The summer weight duvet is perfect for keeping you cool, fresh, and dry on hot summer nights. When things start to cool down come autumn, you can switch to the warmer spring/fall weight duvet. Once winter arrives, the two are easily combined to create a seamless winter duvet, using small buckles on each corner. It's easy to attach and detach, making one purchase fit for all seasons.

Here is a chart for an easy reference of how much silk filling is recommended under different room temperatures.

Silk Duvet Spec Chart